William Mayberry

I graduated from Texas State with a Bachelor’s Degree of Public Administration in 2012, and will graduate with his Master’s degree in December of 2015.  I am a Texas native born in El Paso, and moved to the Austin area in 1991.  Cedar Park, TX is where I called home for much of my life until I received another calling.  From 2004 to 2009 I enlisted in the US Army with the 101st Airborne Division; deploying twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Upon completing my enlistment I returned to Texas in 2009 to attend college at Texas State University (Eat ‘Em Up Cats!) where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration in 2012.  I will be graduating in December with my Master’s degree in Political Science from Texas State as well.

Having grown up in the Austin area, and living here for most of my life I have watched a vibrant weird little city explode into a truly cosmopolitan international city.  Through my years of work and school I have been able to grow my social and professional network in such a manner that I allows me to maximize its potential for the best possible outcome for my clients.  The years I’ve spent in the military taught me the importance of hard work and attention to detail.  It gave me the edge that allows me to be both competitive and successful in a market that demands it, and this works to a great advantage for my clients.

You have the choice in many Realtors, and any tagline here would be appropriate.  However, I have never been a man of clichés.  So I simply allow my work ethic and record of success speak for itself.  In this fast paced environment perhaps the most important asset that you can find in a Realtor is responsiveness and the ability to communicate effectively.  I make myself available, not only to my clients, but other agents and brokers alike day and night to ensure that my clientele are not only satisfied, but receive the best possible outcome. 

I’d like to take the time to thank you for reading this, and I look forward to working with you in the future.